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Your journey can help others

We want to learn from the experience of every patient. (Learn about our referral process.)

This is why, when you attend our clinic, and while you are under our care, you will be invited to share information about your health and about your treatment experience. We will use the information collected about you to monitor your own health and safety and to help us ensure that you continue to receive the best treatment possible for you.

You will also be invited to participate in our optional clinical data platform, which is a platform we created to help us improve the quality of future care and explore new areas of research. With your consent, we will use your de-identified health information, either alone or in combination with other patients, to track trends on a larger scale. By allowing us to use and share your de-identified health information in this way, we may see patterns emerging that will help us to understand which treatments or combination of treatments are safest, most economical and of most benefit to current and future patients.

We respect the data and privacy of all of our patients and we will always ask for your consent to use your data. For more information about how we collect, store and share data, please read more about our approach to Privacy or Contact Us for further information.

Typical 6 Month Care Program

Our Referral Process

For an appointment we typically require a referral from your GP or Specialist.

Otherwise, we encourage you to talk to your GP or Specialist if you think you may have exhausted conventional therapy. Referral forms may be downloaded from our website.

Emerald Clinics are staffed and managed by medical practitioners (Specialists and General Practitioners) who have a special interest in chronic disease management and the appropriate use of unregistered medicines.

Patients referred to Emerald Clinics undergo an initial medical examination to assess their needs and suitability for therapy. If deemed appropriate, our doctors will develop a treatment plan with you.

Through regular follow up appointments, our doctors ensure the treatment plan delivers the desired outcome. Our doctors will maintain an open dialogue with your referring doctor and will work collaboratively with them to ensure you receive the best comprehensive care possible.