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Emerald Clinics is an Australian owned company specialising in the use of cannabinoid therapy for the management of neuropathic and chronic pain. We are building a network of clinics in Australia staffed and managed by trained cannabinoid specialist General Practitioners and Specialists.

Our first clinics are open in Subiaco, WA and Woolloomooloo, NSW.

Our first clinics are open in Subiaco, WA and Woolloomooloo, NSW.

Patients referred to Emerald Clinics undergo an initial medical examination to assess their needs and suitability for therapy. If deemed appropriate, the doctor develops a cannabinoid treatment plan with the patient. Our experienced specialists help patients navigate the new medical cannabis regulatory system and provide education on their treatment plan. Through regular follow up appointments, our clinicians ensure the treatment plan delivers the desired outcome.

With the exception of one product (Nabiximols), cannabinoid products are not registered medicines in Australia, and none are subsidised through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), so they can only be accessed through special pathways available for unapproved medicines.

Guidance documents produced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration can be found here

We require a referral from your GP or Specialist.

For more information about appointments, please contact us here