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Patient Care

Emerald Clinics is staffed and managed by medical practitioners (Specialists and General Practitioners) who have a special interest in chronic disease management for patients who have exhausted conventional therapies. We operate a network of clinics across Australia and work with your referring doctor to develop a treatment plan that also monitors for safety and efficacy.

Guidance documents produced by the Therapeutic Goods Administration related to the use of unapproved therapeutic goods can be found here and here.

Some strategies and treatments for chronic pain that may help patients that have exhausted conventional therapies can be found here.

Our clinics are open in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria

Our clinics are open in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria

Patients referred to Emerald Clinics undergo an initial medical examination to assess their needs and potential treatment options. If appropriate, our doctor develops a treatment plan with the patient and liaises with their referring clinician. Our experienced specialists support patients with education on the potential risks and benefits of therapies, including unregistered medicines in Australia in the context of their specific health situation. Through regular follow up appointments, our clinicians will work closely with you to ensure the you get the best outcome possible and that any side effects are managed.

We require a referral from your GP or Specialist.

We require a referral from treating clinician. This information helps us determine if our model of care may be able to support you before attend our clinics, saving you time and money. We value a multidisciplinary approach to care and want to work with your existing care team where ever possible.

For more information about appointments, please contact us here